About Us

Who We Are…

Phuket for Events

At our company, our founders bring over 30 years of experience in business and event management to the table. We’re not just saying that to impress you—we’ve planned and produced all kinds of events, big and small, and we’re ready to use our knowledge to make yours a success.

Having worked both sides of the fence—as clients and as organizers—we know what it takes to create events that not only capture attention but also get the job done on time and within budget. That’s our promise to you.

We’re proud to be part of Phuket for Events. It’s not just about having a skilled team, which we absolutely do, but about making sure you feel like you’re a part of this team too. We’re passionate about what we do and it shows in every event we plan and manage.

Our goal is simple. We want to build connections that matter, but we’re also here to do what we love: creating and organizing memorable events. So go ahead, give us a call! We can’t wait to start planning with you.

Our aim is to create


and not a one-off sale!

We are no-nonsense, and straightforward!

More like we do what we say

  • We pick up the phone, also after the events, and we are there for you, especially when things go wrong. Running away is simply not in our DNA and, as with any other person or company, we make mistakes, but we surely live up to them!
  • In the way the event industry is developing, offline and online, we know that price alone will only get us so far, and rates are also easy to copy. Therefore, we like to distinguish ourselves by focusing on offering you the best service possible and let that be the denominator. We love creating memories!
  • And though having years of experience, we understand our brand is not what we tell our customer it is—it is what our customers tell each other it is. And we know how you perceive us is exactly at the core of our reality.
  • We know that if we treat you right and create successful events; you most likely become our fan, a long-lasting customer, who will help us bring our message forward. We need your support and by being customer minded; we put you right in the center of our business.
  • We value every customer, and we respect the people who show an interest in our products.
  • We like you to become a loyal supporter of our brand and therefore we like to create value with the quality of our services or maybe better, the way we take care of you, our customer.

Why Choose Phuket for Events?

Phuket for Events’ management has over 2 decade’s experience working in the event industry. Our clients have always praised us for creating, producing, and executing exceptional and especially highly memorable incentive trips.

We love the event industry, and we are passionate about our services, plus very grateful for the amazing adventures we constantly experience with our customers.

We have robust relationships with hotels, venues, and vendors to give you and your team the best time and experience possible in Phuket, Thailand. And while we manage every detail along the way!