Sourcing the Perfect Venues

For every type of event or situation, Phuket for Events finds the most fit location that suits your project. Whether you are looking for a stunning beach club, traditional Thai-style villa or hotel conference room with space enough for large groups of people, we will find it for you.

Our extensive network and knowledge about the Phuket market sort of guarantees you that the venue locations we source will suit your theme, your audience, and definitely fit your budget.

And for celebrations like weddings, birthday parties, and anniversaries, we have suitable venues for each wedding reception, whether Western or traditional Thai, from luxurious properties to more traditional locations.

If you are looking for space to hold a business meeting or seminar, we can help you find locations that will inspire your clients and colleagues. To do this, we have built up relationships with hotels, resorts, and private villas.

All to ensure that you get Phuket for Events’ buying power, lower rates, and special privileges to will save you significant money regarding your budget. Phuket for Events offers you also access to exclusive rates which you will not easily find elsewhere.

What We Take Care Of

  • Sourcing hotels, resorts and exclusive villas, in Phuket, but in Thailand and internationally as well.
  • Provide you with a list of locations & venues that fit your objectives, theme, and budget.
  • Negotiate competitive prices and provide you with a proposal.
  • Invoice management–we can handle all your hotel invoicing and payments.

Why Choose Phuket for Events?

Phuket for Events’ management has over 2 decade’s experience working in the event industry. Our clients have always praised us for creating, producing, and executing exceptional and especially highly memorable incentive trips.

We love the event industry, and we are passionate about our services, plus very grateful for the amazing adventures we constantly experience with our customers.

We have robust relationships with hotels, venues, and vendors to give you and your team the best time and experience possible in Phuket, Thailand. And while we manage every detail along the way!