Launching your Product…

You can only get it right the first time..!

Product Launch

It is just as crucial to launch your product right as it is to produce it. If not launched properly, your customers will be unaware and maybe get a poor impression of your new product. And the fact is you probably lose out on your revenue forecast and profitability targets as well. Planning your event 4-6 months in advance is key, so when your product is ready for sale, you can effectively execute a launch that meets your objectives.

An essential step in the product launch process is to plan the location and venue to announce your new product to the world. And that is where we come in; we have the experience, the knowledge and the passion to help you succeed and meet your launch objectives.

Therefore, it is crucial to have the venue, and the location included in your product launch plan to align everyone within your organization, as well as ensuring that your partners and potential customers notice your new product and can be invited to the launch if required.

Our experienced team will develop a unique launch project which will meet your expectations or exceed them. We are not the type of people to boast or do some chest-thumping; but we know we deliver quality services. We like to focus our passion and dedication on the most important part and that is making every assignment our clients give us an absolute success.

Working with us is like?

Well, we are a team of people with different backgrounds but a wealth of experience within the corporate world, the event industry and entertainment. This combination allows us to not only understand your soft objectives but also your hard targets.

‘What is the event’s objective?’ This should be the first question you ask when a product launch event is requested. By gaining a deep understanding of the deliverables that key stakeholders are hoping to achieve, it will allow you to plan more effectively and communicate your ideas in a language your bosses will understand.

That’s why we know all projects should be SMART
  • Specific: Describe and plan exactly for the desired outcome. Plan to be ready for the launch date.
  • Measurable: Return on Investment or Return on Objectives… or both?
  • Achievable: Ensure that the event’s objective are achievable otherwise, your management or senior leadership will consider it a failure.
  • Relevant: The overall aim needs to remain something that relates back to the company’s goals throughout the entire planning process.
  • Timebound: Plan for the event objectives to have been achieved between two time periods. This may require subsequent training seminars or a follow-up event to assess the outcomes of the first.

What Product launch happens in many sizes and shapes:

Decide which type of product launch is best for your product before you start your product launch plan.

Creating a product launch strategy plan

Your launch will explain to your people and stakeholders within your organization what your plans are and how it will affect them. Working out the process will help you analyze and deal with the various components of the launch so that you are well-prepared to execute it.

Understanding the Importance of a Product Launch Strategy

Spending some effort upfront planning your launch will surely bring in amazing success, as it does with everything else in life. You’re heading in the correct direction if you know what your goals are and have a well-thought-out plan.

The Product Launch Plan Template

A product launch plan template covers a short backstory of the launch. Most of the launch strategy plan includes a comprehensive list of launch actions and their justifications. The more you can articulate the overall launch story and how all the components fit together, the better you will be able to justify your launch plan and the funding required to execute the launch effectively.

Executive Summary
  • Summarize your campaign’s objectives: business communications, product audience, launch goals, and the way you will measure the launch success. Identify the product’s major features you’re launching in this section, such as features, functionalities, and requirements.
  • It’s important to write the summary after everything else is wrapped up.

Product Description

Briefly describe the product (2-3 paragraphs) that describes what the product is, the main features and benefits it provides and how it solves customer problems.

Target Audience

  • Who is your target customer?
  • Who are the product personas?
  • What are your target market segments?
  • What business segments are you targeting?