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After you are ready with the planning of a business meeting, corporate event, incentive, team building program, or business tour, we make sure the organization and execution of your project locally requires minimal efforts from you.

We always tailor our services to suit your requirements and fit your budget. With our decades of experience in creating, organizing and managing events in Phuket, Thailand and internationally, you can assign us to your project with complete peace of mind. Click on the subjects below for more information.

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Hotel Bookings

Hotel & Villa Bookings

Our customers get special rates for hotels, villas & resorts of various luxury, style & price

Hotel & resorts Bookings

We built an extensive network of hotels, villas & resorts throughout all areas in Thailand
Broad network of hotels, villa & resorts

Our destination management services include the arrangements of hotels, villas and resort for highly competitive and attractive business rates. Our network is not limited to just Phuket, but we can assist you in finding venues out of a broad range of partner properties in all regions of Thailand.

All these properties are suitable for private (business) gatherings, conferences and meetings. Inquire from our DMC Thailand specialist about our unique discounts if you’d like to host corporate events in Thailand.

Imagine your next company retreat, party or BBQ dinner on a private island… Just tell us what you require organizing a private island party, and we will make sure it is one for the books.

Concept Creation

Concept creation

Our experience in creating events is extensive. From business speed dating to events with 1000 guests, we have the experience, knowledge & skills

Concept production

Creating, managing, & executing the generated events, we have the appropriate teams to fulfill the challenge at hand
Event Concept Creation

So how to differentiate between an event theme and event creation? The theme of an event is basically the main idea behind the entire meeting. And this needs to come from you. As a company, you need to set the overall tone, expectations, structure, and define the goal(s). And the event concept is like the theme, but distinct.

A concept is about the event details and parts that go together to make up the event’s practical pieces. 

For instance, if the theme of the incentive trip is Thai, then the concept will be the activities, entertainment, decor, and food to go with the theme. The event concept brings the event theme to life.

An exciting concept for an event is to entertain your employees, create togetherness, and ignite sales.

And how would this then work out on your incentive trip? Your planning company or agency needs to know how to merge the culture of the destination into meaningful trip packages, nightly gifts, entertainment, and is responsible to create the wow factor of your entire employee incentive trip?

Phuket for Events has the experience, knowledge and understanding of how to fuse the destination and the activities into coherent parts of your event that will make every moment memorable.

Venue Finder

venue sourcing

The journey begins with finding the ideal hotels, villas or venues that meet your budget, your ideas and your plans.

venue finder

Phuket for Events has years of experience in finding the best venue locations, hotels, villas and resorts for our clients!
We are a Venue Finder and specialists in Venue Sourcing

Phuket for Events has years of experience in finding the best venue locations, hotels, villas and resorts for our clients! We know that the selection and choice of a venue is crucial to the spirit of and the success of your event. We ensure that the location is exactly in line with the requirements and rates.

It begins with finding the ideal hotels, villas or venues that meet your budget, your ideas and your plans. Working through every hotel request for proposal is a lot of work. Phuket for Event’s experience, expertise and long-term relationships within the hospitality industry in Phuket do the work for you. We can negotiate hotel contracts, complimentary privileges, best rates, and even invoice management.

What we take care of in an overview
  • Sourcing hotels, villas & resorts both in Thailand and internationally
  • Summarize all properties and locations that fit your program objectives
  • Negotiate hotel contracts
  • Ensure that you get Phuket for Event’s buying power, which means lower rates and special deals to save you significant money of your budget
  • Invoice management – we can manage all your hotel invoicing and handle payments for you like hotel deposits, etc.

So why don’t you do us a test assignment with us? Phuket for Events will do a complimentary sourcing analysis for your next program and will present you with the results!

We not only provide you with the best options for hotels but ensure you have the best rates, terms, conditions, and cancellation policies we can get, all for free.

Logistics & Transportation


Logistics management covering design, construction and stage management, coordination with venues. We manage all logistical challenges


Arriving at the airport is where Phuket for Events takes over. From meet & greet to transportation to the venues, hotel locations and tours.
Your Logistics and Transportation Partner

Phuket for Events can also take on the scheduling of your before and after event excursions. We have tour programs and destinations available. And if you would like to organize an amazing dinner or BBQ on a private island, click here for some ideas and photos.

Phuket for Events provides comprehensive services and management for all your event requirements during all event stages, which means local event design & production, construction, stage management, and coordination with venues regarding food. This ranges from a simple coffee break to extensive gala dinners with many guests.

When your guests arrive at Phuket International Airport, our Meet & Greet services accompany your guests from the moment they set foot in Phuket. No worries about finding out where to go. Working with Phuket for Events means arriving in Phuket without worries or concerns.

We provide swift transportation services to their destination, whether this is the event venue or the hotels where they are staying. We organize all the local transportation and down-time leisure trips in line with your schedule.

Team Building Programs

Team building

Increase sales and reward your sales teams with exciting incentive programs

Employee incentive programs

We create, plan and execute your incentive trips from start to finish, your staff will feel like VIPs
Team Building & Employee Incentive Programs

Do you want to increase your sales and reward your sales, marketing and or support teams with exciting incentive programs in Phuket Thailand?

We know Sales People remember the trips they made, the experiences they have from those trips and they will definitely remember these moments for the rest of their lives.

Do you remember that bonus you received 3 years ago? Neither do your employees. But they sure will relive that experience or special gift you gave them.

Phuket for Events can help you create incentives that are tailored to you and your company. We have long-term relationships with the best hotel brands in Phuket and throughout Thailand, and many luxury villas and resorts in Phuket.

We will negotiate the best rates and deals because of our strong relationships with the Phuket hospitality industry.

Tours in Phuket & Thailand

tours & trips
in Phuket

Visit an island, making a boat trip and watch the sunset? Phuket is an amazing place to create incredible moments

tours & trips
in Phuket

P4E organizes and manages your tours & trips from start to finish. Your staff will feel excited.
Phuket, Thailand # 1 destination

Phuket, a wonderful tropical island in the South of Thailand, has a pleasant tropical climate. With cool winds of the Andaman Sea, jungle covered hill tops and lengthy sandy beaches, Phuket basically has it all. And with exceptional resorts and hotels, Phuket has become one of the world’s top destinations and is Thailand’s wealthiest province.

Activities and things to do in Phuket?

Phuket, surrounded by azure waters and countless islands, is a paradise for diving, fishing, boat trips, and water sports. With several marinas, many golf courses, fishing lakes, sports centres and many tourist attractions, you will never get bored in Phuket.

Phuket has many local and international festivities and sporting events, renowned cabaret acts, and a vibrant nightlife, with Soi Bangla in Patong being the most well known.

Trips in Phuket for your employees, clients and dealers

We create, organize and manage your trips for the people your company invites to Phuket. Whatever tour or trip you need to be designed, Phuket for Events has the experience and expertise to put programs together that will definitively create long-term memories for the participants.

Many of our customers tell us that people cannot stop talking about the experiences they had in Phuket.

Let us know what you have in mind and we will definitely create an unforgettable experience.

Meetings Management


meetings management

we create and execute meeting plans that drive business and social values.

meetings management

Phuket for Events operates as your strategic meeting developer and manager, taking care of everything related to the meetings
Meeting Management

Meeting planning does not have to be overwhelming, but it must include all the details. That’s where Phuket for Events steps in!

After hearing your unique needs and paying attention to the details, we create and execute meeting plans that drive business and social values.

What We Take Care Of

Phuket for Events operates as your strategic meeting developer and manager, taking care of everything related to:

  • Sourcing hotels and negotiating contracts with the best rate and concessions for you
  • Registration Management for attendees
  • On-site support & help
  • Budget management
  • Travel confirmation
  • All arrival and departure manifests and transportation needs
  • Food and beverage 
  • Team building
  • Off-site dinners/events
  • AV coordination
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Selecting and using integrated meeting technology
  • Gift coordination & management

We offer 100% support for all events before, during, and after the event day.

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